Local Rocket Scientists



10/23/20222 min read

A fun & eye-catching brand for the scientists.

A concept based around the brands name. A symbol created for a team of Rocket Scientists researching growth through Design & Strategy. Takeoff is very near, are you ready to launch?!

Three key factors give the team & the brand its values. Greenery - They will avoid print when possible and use alternative methods. The Ship, you will definitely fly high with these guys. The team of Rocket Scientists always deliver. Human Touch, we wanted to portray that by giving life to the little Scientists or the character we've chosen.

The little character was crafted to be one of a kind. You'll find scientists around but you definitely won't find Local Rocket Scientists. Not in Prishtina and most likely not even in the whole region. With the different layouts & alternative formats tested, this character paired with the type will work in any possible element and material. Funky :)

"Growth through strategy"

Different layouts allow us to truly express the brand & have unlimited usability options. May it be an eco friendly notebook that will be printed, a fun promotional sticker or even the brands stamp. They're all ready!

A team that will help you succeed in the digital land.

They observe the way you and your brand have been introducing yourself on Social Media platforms. Giving you a free detailed report and telling you what is going right & what is not quite right with your appearance.

Ready to grow? Get in touch with the scientists! More from them here.