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10/21/20222 min read

Sharp Symbol and a Custom Wordmark

Somewhere far away in the galaxy, a team of developers have joined forces to enlighten your code. They we're in need of an interesting looking brand and requested the Gin & Jüs to get their hands dirty.

As a team of young developers they had one goal in mind, conquer and perfectly complete each and every project, one code at a time. The founders of the company had a rough idea of what the color palette would be and we've kept that going. A nice little gradient was crafted for them, it especially works nice when it is used for keywords or buttons.

With a light theme it was quite interesting to know that the team of devs would prefer the website to be fully dark. Keep that in mind that in the long run it only made things look cooler, the gradient works very well when used in a dark background & with some simple line illustrations it turned out to be a super cool looking website. Kudos to the guys for the development part.

We do design, we're not that good at coding.

The Luxius wordmark has been handcrafted & modified specially for them. It fits more into the Sans Serif field but has got some very sharp edges which perfectly suits their symbol.

The symbol is a geometric abstract "X", it all started from the x in Luxius and we went along with it. Slanted at 45 degree and with sharp edges as mentioned above it perfectly fits the wordmark, creating unique results.

Gradients everywhere!

Luxius is here to solve all your problems, they solve the unknown. X=? ; X = Luxius. A simple yet powerful formula. With the right team every project will be enlightened. Your product deserves to truly light up!

They solve your code problems, we solve their design problems.